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Andrea Dunathan

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Dunathan Consulting, LLC
8730 Georgia Ave, Suite 600-C, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Andrea Dunathan has been helping nonprofits build strong, sustainable organizations since 2004. Building on her prior experience with nonprofits in all stages of development, from startups to mature, growing organizations, she works closely with clients to assess their operations and to design improvements that meet their needs and fit their situations. Andrea’s qualifications include her Harvard University degree and her hands-on experience in strategic planning, facilitation, and operational best practices. She is a Standards for Excellence® Licensed Consultant and belongs to the Institute of Management Consultants, the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network, and Maryland Nonprofits. Her people-centered, facilitative approach combines her knowledge of best practices with her respect for her clients’ organizational history, knowledge, and culture to develop recommendations that truly meet her clients’ needs. As one client said, “Andrea quickly demonstrated a keen understanding of (and respect for) our business culture, values, and approaches. But what I valued most about Andrea’s partnership is her uncanny ability to thoroughly assess what we saw as challenges and translate them into meaningful opportunities for the business.” (managing director, information services company) Andrea has worked with nonprofits of all sizes to build solid processes and systems for finance, human resources, and technology, bringing both technical knowledge and change management expertise to her engagements. Among other projects, she has helped an inner-city charter school with financial management, recommended operational changes for better management at a rural transit agency, and advised a global nonprofit on technology support for its programs. Her pro bono work includes serving on nonprofit and cooperative boards as well as advising and teaching workshops on financial management for nonprofits. Selected Projects: Operations evaluation and redesign Worked closely with the board and executive director of a rural transit nonprofit to address negative findings from their federal grantor by redesigning work processes, data tracking methods, and financial management to ensure proper accountability and better reporting. Re-establishing team trust and facilitating strategic and action planning Worked with a team composed of existing and new staff to establish common ground, rebuild trust, develop a cohesive strategic plan, and help the staff plan actions to implement their chosen strategies. Also helped the team to establish a model for team self-management until key leadership vacancies could be filled. Budget redesign and training Worked with a new Executive Director and new board members of a community gardening nonprofit to develop a budget and a financial monitoring process, based on a redesigned chart of accounts that reflected their strategic plan and made sense to the Executive Director, the board, and the accountant. Strategic planning after nonprofit merger Trained the Executive Director of a nonprofit (recently merged from two smaller organizations) in strategic planning concepts, then coached him through the process of developing a full strategic plan, action plan, and budget himself, to minimize the burden to his limited budget. Financial policy updates Worked with finance, sales, and other departments at a global for-profit company to identify and analyze existing policies, processes, and systems functionality for sales, revenue recognition, and other financial processes. Designed new policies and processes and adapted existing ones to handle sales in multiple currencies.