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Choose Your Own Adventure: 5 Steps to a Sustainable Strategic Plan

Life is like a “choose your own adventure” book. With each choice we make, our adventure changes. With one big difference. In a “choose your own adventure” book, we don’t know where the decisions will lead us (unless we look at the end). But in real life, we’re pretty good at anticipating consequences – if we think of it. It’s one of the things that makes us human. Consider – if you look backward, you can probably describe the path that led you to live where you live, work where you work, love whom you love. 
 Susan Detwiler Susan Detwiler submitted 2 years 309 days ago

Managing Difficult Board Members

You know who they are.They engage in sidebar conversations with other board members or even the
 Bunnie Riedel Bunnie Riedel submitted 2 years 335 days ago

Understanding Nonprofit Obstacles: What Headwinds Do Your Clients Face?

When you travel from New York to London, the shortest flight is about 6 hours and 45 minutes. When
 Susan Detwiler Susan Detwiler submitted 2 years 335 days ago

How Excellent Is Your Program Evaluation?

Nonprofit program evaluation refers to the process of gathering data about a service or program an
Susan Larsen Susan Larsen submitted 4 years 13 days ago

APPLICATIONS OPEN: Become a Standards for Excellence Licensed Nonprofit Consultant

Susan Larsen Susan Larsen submitted 4 years 24 days ago